Mani Monday 05.06.2017

This week's Mani Monday looks great and is easy to do! For this look I used a  Cuccio base and top coat, O.P.I. Alpine Snow (white) and China Glaze One track Mind (navy blue).

To create this design I;

  • added a coat of Cuccio's 3-in-1 Treatment over all my nails and let them dry
  • painted my little finger, index finger and thumb in the China Glaze One Track Mind
  • painted my middle and ring fingers using O.P.I Alpine Snow
  • added a generous amount of Cuccio's High Gloss Top Coat (this protects the base colour when doing any touch ups later) 
  • added thin striping tape over my middle nail on both hands, ensuring the tape was secure at each side of the nail
  • painted a thin layer of the navy over the tape
  • removed tape gently before the polish was dry (this makes removing the tape easier) using tweezers
  • touched up the lines us a nail brush and  accetone
  • added a final layer of top coat

NB: allow for each coat of polish/top coat to dry fully to ensure no smudges occur!

what colours would you use in this design - let me know in the comments below and I'll use them in a future Mani Monday!

Simple touch to update or change your look

if you're like me and you like to mix up your design on a daily basis, but find it frustrsting when time's against you, try adding a Matte Top Coat  to your finished design (above photo)...the difference is often surprising!

What are your top tips when needing a fresh manicure in a hurry?


Mani Monday: 29.05.2017

Holiday Art Decor Nails

This is a throw-back to last weeks holiday nails. This look reminds me of the artist Andy Warhol and was super easy and quick to do.

To create this look, I used the following products:

  • Cuccio Trio 3-in-1 Treatment(as a base coat)
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • OPI Fiji collection ('Living on the Bula-vard' / 'Exotic Birds Do not Tweet' / 'Do You Sea What I Sea')
  • Cuccio High Gloss Top coat

After applying my Cuccio base coat, I used the OPI Alpine Snow (2 coats) as my white base. 

Once dry, I took my first colour (OPI Living on the Bula-vard) and using a 'dry brush' technique, I lightly brushed the colour randomly over each nail. 

By the time I had finished going over each nail, the first nail was dry and I was able to start on the second colour straight away! (brilliant if you don't have a lot of time to spare)!

After applying all four colours, I then added my Cuccio high gloss top coat to finish off this look.

TIP: I did this look whilst away in Corfu. The temperature was in the late 20's and my polish was drying up quickly. I put each bottle in the hotel fridge for 5-10 minutes before using, and voila! easy to apply polish!

Do you have a favourite holiday nail look?? Tag me using the hashtag #CraftTyNails on Instagram or link them in the comments box below as I love seeing them!

Don't forget to follow my nail account on Instagram too @Craft_Ty_Nails

Enjoy your week and I'll see you next week for another Nail Mani Monday!



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